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Commuting / Utility Bikes

A commuting/utility bike is a bicycle designed for practical transportation for short-distance commuting, running errands, shopping, leisure or for transporting goods or merchandise. Utility bikes are used in the postal service, and for employee transportation inside large workplaces (factories, warehouses, airports, etc.).

Utility bikes often feature a low-step frame so they can be easily mounted, single speed, or internal hub gearing. Drum brakes are used to reduce the need for maintenance. Mudguards are fitted to keep the rider's clothing clean, a chain guard prevents skirts or loose trousers from being caught in the chain, and skirt guard prevents a long skirt catching in the rear brakes. A centre stand allows the utility bike to be parked easily, and a basket or pannier rack enables the carrying of personal possessions or shopping bags.

A utility bike is sometimes referred to as commuting bike, roadster bike, European city bike, small wheel bike, folding bike, cargo bike or hybrid bike.

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